Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#38 TMZ

Little Spoon Productions just entered a TMZ contest! They are looking for a new commercial with the tag line, "We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it!" So Little Spoon created 2 spots with completely different concepts.The first concept is called "A Romance" and it shows the dysfunctional relationship TMZ has with Hollywood. TMZ is always there to witness celebrity breakdowns and they are always the first to show the newest stories/developments in celebrity life. This commercial sheds some light on this relationship. Watch it here...

TMZ: A Romance

The second concept is called "Doggy Style" and this is a quick, funny skit we did to make fun of all the celebrities with purse dogs. It's so easy to bring these dogs everywhere when they fit in your purse! This is a red carpet scene that shows the stubbornness of these dogs when they have to walk on their own! Check it out below!

TMZ: Doggy Style

We had a lot of fun shooting these commercials, and the contest has already been a success. My boss is close with Harvey Levin (the creator of TMZ) and he sent our commercials to him! Unfortunately, Harvey doesn't have a say in the contest. But it's cool to know he watched them anyways!

Wish us luck!

I also wanted to share some pictures from this past weekend! I was a part of my first Murder Mystery Party! My name was Carrie Crooner-Ravioli. I just married "Big Jim" Ravioli, who was the head of the Chicago mob. I was a young jazz singer who was trying to use Big Jim's connections to be a star! Big Jim was the first death and it was devastating! Then everyone assumed that I killed him because I had just married him and received most of his money through the will. But then I was killed by a competing jazz singer! The night was a lot of fun and everyone was all dressed up! Check out the pictures below!

Over the weekend, I also saw The Other Guys and SALT. Both movies were just OK. I thought that The Other Guys was going to be a lot funnier. I think both actors took different/challenging roles that they aren't use to playing - which was fun to watch. But some of the jokes were overplayed. It did not compare to Anchorman. I thought that Salt was good but predictable. I really enjoy seeing Angelina Jolie kick ass. However, it reminded me of the movie Taken, where it seemed unbelievable that one person can take down so many people. Based on my preference of movies, I enjoyed Salt more than The Other Guys.

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