Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#40 Two and a Half Men

So not only does my company produce all the SAW movies, but we are also known for our largest client - Mr. Charlie Sheen. Who is now the highest paid television actor. The owners of our company are his managers and are Executive Producers on the show Two and a Half Men. Now I haven't seen many episodes, but the ones I have seen have made me laugh out loud. This is a brilliantly written show that is just spewing with charisma! I was able to attend a taping of the show on the Warner Bros. lot, where it regularly shoots. It was so much fun being behind the scenes to watch the director and the rest of the crew hard at work. They shot that episode flawlessly and it was a joy to watch the characters come to life right in front of my eyes. After the show was done taping I was able to meet Charlie and hang out on the set. Check out some of the pictures below!

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