Monday, May 17, 2010

#34 What a NERD!

This weekend was full of fun shoots!

It started off with a photo shoot I did with Scott Regan. He bought this old school typewriter from craigslist and had this vision of how he wanted to photograph it. He asked me if I'd model for him. The theme of the shoot would best be described as "Writer's Block!" I dressed up as a nerd and had to show the hardship of being a writer. Lets just say that lots of pieces of paper were harmed during the making of this photo shoot! Scott is a brilliant photographer and you can check out his work here Scott Regan Photo. His partner in crime, Dave Huzieran from Blue Satellite Productions, was busy shooting the behind the scenes. The photos aren't ready to be shown yet, but you can check out the funny behind the scenes video here! Modeling is way more fun when you can play a character!

This weekend we also accomplished another Little Spoon creation! This one wasn't for a contest, but just an idea that we wanted to shoot. It's a music video parody of Justin Bieber's song "Baby." It came to us when we noticed that Justin Bieber could easily be Hilary's doppleganger. So the video is about Hilary who finally finds the girl of her dreams; however, the dream girl is only interested cause she thinks that Hilary is Justin Bieber. We rewrote the lyrics and rerecorded the song. The actual music video was shot in a bowling alley, so we put a different spin on it and just hosted a party with Wii bowling! We had a lot of help on this shoot - thanks to our amazing friends. Now all thats left to do is edit it all together! I'll be posting that as soon as it's finished, so stay tuned! Hopefully, it will be the next YouTube sensation!

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